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    Hey Is there A Speaker Learning Curve for Receivers?

    This may be the dumbest question ever asked on this board, but can there be a learning curve for speakers on a receiver in terms of sound quality. Specifically: 1. Initially after using a receiver at the same settings for a few hours will the sound from the speakers sound better from the same source- or is this just psychological? In other words do speakers/receivers need a warm up period to adjust to new media or will they give the same constant output whether they've been played 4 hours straight or are just turned on after 8 hours?

    The reason I'm asking is, and maybe this is just cause and effect, out of space necessity I had to put my front center speaker about 2" higher than it was before (subsequently the left and right front speakers are 2" lower than the center) and the TV sound after a few days usage now sounds better balanced at my 0 decibel settings (+2 for the sub), then the +8 decibel levels I had to set it up for just to hear my TV? Is this psychological, or did the 2" height increase for the center, or my speakers & receiver getting use to each other, cause this improvement, or all 3?

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    Whenever I change equipment or make some kind of tweak to the sound there is generally for me a mental adjustment period. This may last for two weeks or more if the sound is drastically different than what I've been use to. Once I've gotten use to a change I become acustomed to that sound. I suppose this is one reason for always wanting to upgrade, just to add some more sizzle for a week or two. Sort of like our noses. We notice a strange smell instantly, but if we are exposed to that smell long enough we cease to notice it. An audio example would be my receiver when I first got it. The sound was obviously brighter than my previous receiver and the mid-range from the speakers was much better. But now when I fire up the receiver I don't perceive it as bright anymore.

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