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    Help w/ new HT system, 9k budget...

    I've got an empty "media" room in a new home which is pre-wired for 5.1 sound. The room is 20' deep by 13' wide w/ 9' ceilings. Right now I've got an Onkyo TSDX777 reciever that I'd upgrade if you all think I should. The receiver in this room will also be used to power two patio speakers and two speakers in the dining room--probably no big deal. I'd like a recommendation on a good but not too expensive 40"-42" flat panel, a good sub, and of course all 5 speakers. I like speakers that mount in the wall but I'm not adverse to floor standing speakers. I really want to hang the TV on the wall though so I just thought that in-wall speakers would look better. Also, what about an amp? Will I need one for just one room? My budget is 9k so please keep that in mind. Thanks for any help.

    Greg in AZ

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