I have a Panasonic plasma with 1 vga input & 1 s-video input and some
others that don't pertain to what I'm doing. I have 4 computers that
need to connect to this plasma to run architect & cad programs. They
want this in by Friday and I have no idea how to connect them the right
way. They need the screen to be high quality which shoots down s-video.
The vga would be fine with a switch box. My issue with this is a vga
splitter to split the vga from each computer so they can connect to
their local lcd and the plasma. The problem is with resolution. Since
they are coming from the same vga connection, the plasma would inherit
the resolution from the lcd and this doesn't look right when displayed.
Any ideas how I can make this work real fast?

The second issue is a surround sound system. They want the input from
the plasma & a server. Basically when the plasma turns on, the music
would lower until it's turned off and then pull audio from the
plasma..... Any ideas?
Please help me, I am desperate......A buddy of mine wants this up by Friday and I have no idea how to do it.