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Thread: HD Sat. woes

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaToy
    Let me feel sorry for you. Someone needs to. Your input into this thread has got to be the most pityfull thing I have ever seen. And its good to see my preminitions were correct about you. Your a whinny little *****. The only reason you come on here is too argue with someone about something you know nothing about. You have not shown me that you have any knowledge about anything. If you want to see whinning go above and read any one of your posts. But nothing personal. Have a nice day.


    Woochifer isn't setting the prices you're so upset about he's just stating his opinion. Not agreeing with you doesn't make him wrong, and certainly doesn't make him a whiner or pitiful. If you want to argue the point maybe he'll respond but I can't see why he would want this to continue.

    Enjoying a virtual life.

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    Hey everyone watch this!!! I bet he is going to repeat my post again.


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