I just purchased for $169 with rebates, it retails for $350, an excellent super easy to use, DVD recorder, Lite-On LVW5001 DVD Plus Player/Recorder, which I got on circuitcity.com. It only took 2 days delivery and shipping was free. While I have a computer DVD recorder, I got this standalone recorder to record TV shows instead of my VCR and to copy video and 8mm tapes to DVD. So far as I said, the results have been great and its very easy to use. The weird thing is, the cheapest and easiest way to record is using a 1X DVD+RW disc, as it records in real time and RW discs don't have to be finalized while +R discs do. It only records DVD+R/RW formats. Oh and it records in 5.1 dolby sound as far as I can tell.