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    First Post - PC/Home Stereo

    I'm looking to be able to play my music files directly to my home stereo in the other room. How would I go about doing this, what kind of equipment would I need, PC outputs, etc. Also, could I do this wirelessly? I'd rather not run wires across the room, but I could manage.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    If you go back to the forum topics page, near the bottom is a forum for pc audio. There are a couple posts in there about what guys are using to do exactly what you want. Peace
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    Squeezebox II..

    You won't be sorry. You can buy a wired or wireless version. A little pricey if all you're looking for is is a way to stream background music but I think it would be fair to call the sqeezebox II hi-fi (whatever that means). Check out their website and post any questions in their forum.

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