I just signed up with Dish Network earlier today. If you sign up with them you can rent the equipment from them for one year for $4.99 a month. After one year the equipment becomes yours. Dish network also warranties the equipment during that one year. All you have to keep is the basic 50 channels . The HD package is $9.99. She said the whole thing with HD and renting the box would be $39.99 a month. Also, if you sign up now, you can get three months of the top 100 channels free. And your not locked into it. If after the three months you don't want to pay $69.99 a month you can simply call up and down grade your plan at any time. You have to pay $49 up front that will be credited towards your account. Of course yiu have to pay for two months when you first bill comes in. She said the first bill would be $19 and the second $14. She said I would only be paying for the HD and rental fees for the first three months.