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    Do you own a Yamaha RX-V450

    Hello, does anybody else own a Yamaha RX-V450? I recently purchased this one and for me, it is a good buy. I'd like to hear your comments.


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    I've had one for 9 months or so. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I found the user's manual to be incredibly lacking when trying to set my HT up. I've e-mailed Yamaha several times and gotten prompt informative responses most of the time. I'd venture to say there are things that I know about that receiver that even tech support at Yamaha doesn't know.

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    Thanks Toenail. I've actually read your posts on "compression" and how the manual contradicts things that they've said. Anyway, no specific question from me now. I'm satisfied with the DTS auto detect configuration and plain stereo when playing music.

    I will share a bit of what I plan to do with my set-up tho. I'm planning to get a WH-2 Set (Wharfedale) and use the surrounds promptly, and of which, the center will act as the REAR center for the 6.1 capability. After, I may likewise get a Diamond CS Wharfedale for the center.

    The owner of the shop originally advised that focus on the Rear with a Diamond SR, but I think, a WH-2 will suffice.

    I'm posting another question in a new forum... "Something about what speaker should one invest." Look it up, maybe you have some thoughts on it too!

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    I've had that reciever for almost 2 years and I really like it. But since upgrading my speakers from Warfedale to Jamo, I now see that the good 'ol RXV450 just doesn't cut it anymore, leaving my speakers underpowered. I am probably going to upgrade to an Onkyo TXSR702 and possibly some power amps. By the way, is anyone looking to pick an Yamaha RXV450?

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