Im going to buy me a toshiba 57in HD ready tv in the next week or so. Im looking at a dish 921 dvr.If im understanding this correctly it will record HD and play it back in HD, this receiver was priced at $1000.00 i see now it can be had for $550.00 at radio shack and a few other dealers around my area. You can all so run your over the air channel in to it .Do you guys think this is the way to go , Dish told me over the phone i can lease one if i like but then you have to pay for there hd package, I was just wanting my local channels in hd for now maybe sat later when they have more channels in hd . I really like the idea of being able to record in hd and play it back in hd because i work 2 shift and i have to record all my C.S.I. shows and stuff like that, just wanderd what every one thinks, Only bad thing i can see is it only has 1 year warranty [i think] and im not sure how long one of these things last, if i lease it then dish can take care of it when it goes down.