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    Directv HD - Sound Issues

    I am noticing that some HD programming consistently sounds very good (ESPN-HD for example). On some channels though (ABC East HD - 86) it sounds like it's coming out of a tunnel and the overall volume level is quite low. Channel 86 isn't the only one. On some of the concerts they broadcast on the HD channels, I also notice very poor sound. Some of the OTA HD channels also exhibit the same behavior. Since some channels are very good, I doubt it's my equipment that is the issue. I'm guessing it's a matter of how the program was originally recorded?!?

    Audio setup: Optical audio cable (Monster) from my Directv Receiver (H10) into a Yamaha HTR-5280 AV receiver.

    Video setup: HDMI cable (Belkin) from Directv Receiver directly into a Samsung HLR4667W.


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    Make sure you have your satalite receiver set to pcm AND dolby digital. I have
    a DishNetwork HD receiver and it gives you 3 options, dolby digital, pcm or both.
    try it.
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    Thanks for the response!

    Unfortunately, the Directv H10 does not have an option to set it to "BOTH." It's either Dolby Digital or PCM. I did test though just setting it to PCM and the channels that sounded poor, sound much better. Too much of a pain though to go into the menu and flip this back and forth, while just flipping from channel to channel. I called Directv and they also confirmed these findings. I'll send them an email for documentation purposes, because having the option for BOTH would seem to me to be a quick, painless fix.

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