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    Different brand of speaker on the same HT

    I just bought a Sony HS50 (HS51 for you us folks!) and a Pioneer THX 7.1 1015 TX to drive it.

    I already own this speaker set-up :
    Center : Definitive C1
    Sub : Infinity
    2 Satellite : Infinity Micro II

    I have a very limited budget, around 500$. I need 2 front and 2 other rear (to be 7.1).

    What is the best solution:

    1- Keep only my center and my sub and buy 6 "cheap" speakers ?
    2- Also keep my 2 actual infinity Micro II and buy 4 "less cheap" speakers ?

    any special brand to look for considering my budget ?


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    alot of factors come into play. it strongly depends on you. I love music as well as movies so if I were in the same situation I would make due with the cheapest way possible(mixed and/or used speakers) until I could afford the system I actually wanted. If HT is a must right now I would go with a speaker package or try to buy voice matched speakers as most packages probably come with a subwoofer. U should be able to find a decent set for $500 to sound good with your sub. I say good because you most of the time get what you pay for. If your happy with a good sounding system than thats all that matters. Once again it strongly depends on you and the sound quality your trying to achieve. U can also try both scenario's to see what sounds the best at that $500 range. If you find 4 good speakers that sound good with your others than go that route. Or maybe the 6 cheap speakers paired with your center and sub will sound better. I say go out and experiment until you find the combo that makes YOU happy.

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    patience, audiohopper...

    My opinion is to invest in just 2 mains for now. Get the best pair you can. I think the advantage of audio quality will be more rewarding than the 7.1 over 5.1. Especially considering that most movies don't have a native 7.1 format. Plus you will also have better performance for 2 channel listing this way. Win-Win.

    Save up for a little while and then add some rears, either by buying new rears or by upgrading the mains again and moving the old ones to the rear. I think a lot off people here would give similar advice. Be patient and take time to build the best system you can.

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