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    Denon AVR1804 vs 2803...Differences for $300 extra???

    I am helping my mom replace our receiver in our theater system. Right now we have a 4 year old or so Sony STR-DE555 ES receiver. Its great, but does not have any high def component capabilities, and we are just looking to upgrade in general.

    Someone at her work suggested the 1804, I was already thinking of the 2803 or the 3805. Being the frugal frugal lady she is, only wants to spend the $499 for the 1804 and nothing more, unless she is gaining enough to justify the difference. Can anyone give a suggestion on what to do here, especially the differences between the 2803 and 1804?

    Equipment in system:
    Pinnacle Classic Gold fronts
    Pinnacle Gold center
    Sonance in cieling rears
    Velodyne CT120 sub (possibly replaced soon)
    Sony STR DE555 ES reciever
    Sony 5 disc non prog scan DVD (to be upgraded)
    BenQ 8700 projector

    Thanks for any input,

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    Hmmm, the 2803 is better, but I honestly believe that the 1803 is a solid improvement over your current receiver, and that $300 might be better used somewhere else in your system.
    However I'm more concerned about the $499 for the 1803 part though. Yikes!
    Try this:
    you can get a refurbed 2803 for $489 WITH DENON WARRANTY, or the 1803 for $323 with warranty. I've dealt with Dakmart on some other equipment and know several other big Denon fans that have had great experiences with them...I'd hate for you to have to pay, yuck, full retail for your receiver.
    I've bought refurbed a few times now, although never Denon, and I've yet to be disappointed. In fact, my NAD amp is still running perfectly 9 years later. If you're really hesitant, check into extended warranties.

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