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    Computer digi out to home theater reciever?


    I'm interested in connecting my digital out opitcal port from my computer to my home theater reciever.

    I have both a built in digital output on the motherboard (abit ic7) and also a game theater xp 5.1 surround sound, (has a optical out port on the breakout box)

    when i use the digital out, the reciever, doesnt pick up the signal as a dolby digital or dts connection, and therefore doesnt output to the speakers the proper way.

    I'm testing the output by using the little sound card program and getting it to output to one speaker at a time. The closest i can get is to put the reciever into prologic mode, and then the front and center channels and subwoofer all seem to fire at the same time.

    I'd like to have it setup the proper way where i can have each speaker fire only by itself when im testing them, so that i know they will be working in my games properly. eg: so i can have proper surround sound, not just prologic sound.

    the only other solution i've managed to figure out so far, is to use the 6 channel direct input on my receiver with rca to minijack connections from the 6 minijack outputs on the back of my motherboard, the problem with this meathod is its not digital.

    anyone know how to hook this up and get it working properly?

    thanks for your help

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    Don't think that you're actually going to get Dolby Digital out of EVERYTHING you hear from your PC. One prerequisite is that the SOURCE is encoded in Dolby Digital or DTS to get that output... Are you watching DVD movies? Part of getting DD or DTS requires that your DVD video program supports it. This other post might help on that:

    SB Audigy to HT receiver 5.1 channel

    I'm not sure any PC games are encoded in Dolby Digital, the best you can get is simulated surround through Pro Logic or NEO6... If you can get a DVD movie to work from your PC to get DD sound, then your setup should be correct.

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