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    SB Audigy to HT receiver 5.1 channel

    Hey everyone, I have an el-cheapo Panasonic SA-HT400 receiver that doesn't seem to want to accept the 5.1 channel digital input (coax) from my Soundblaster Audigy MP3+. All I can get out of it is 2 channels (front left and front right). It auto-selects Dolby Pro Logic 2, and even if I force AC3 it still doesn't work. Is connected from the audigy's digital output using an rca cable. Would the cable be the problem here? my audigy settings are as follows:

    5.1 speaker setup
    Dolby digital AC3 decode is OFF (On doesn't work either)
    PCM set to 48hz
    Digital output only (has to be because the digital output is also analog)

    If I have to buy a proper cable, I will, but don't want to waste the money if it won't work. If it's the receiver then so be it. At least it decodes AC3 and DTS from my DVD player, just thought it would be cool to play some AC3 divx's ... Any ideas?

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    What DVD program are you running from your PC? Part of getting Dolby Digital from your PC requires that your video program supports it also (not just your sound card settings). From what I know some don't support Dolby Digital 5.1 output... Most doesn't support DTS. Try looking at your video progam's sound options and see what you can find.

    PowerDVD has an SPDIF output setting (in the Configuration settings) that will give you DD 5.1 (and DTS for the newer versions) output as opposed to just a downmixed 5.1 stream in 2-channel. As for Divx files with DD I'm not too sure what program will support 5.1 audio through a Divx stream... Any RCA cable should be fine, btw.

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    Thanks, you were right. I am using winDVD for my player, and it turns out that by default it downmixes it to 2 channels, causing all of my problems. As soon as I configured winDVD for 5.1 channel DD, bang, it worked. It sounds great now. Now to find a divx player that supports DD. Will post back if I find anything. Cheers!

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