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    Question Comments on 30-32" LCD TV

    Am currently considering purchase of 30"+ flat panel HD LCD TV, and have narrowed choice down to Sony KLV30XBR900, Toshiba 32HL83, and Dell LCD TV 30".

    I realize best value would be in CRT HDTV models, but would like to avoid the heavy weight and excessive depth if possible. I am also a little leary of longevity of plasma, which would be a concern when shelling out this type of cost. Any rear projection application would not be suitable since the TV will be in living room with windows.

    I have looked at every model on the market I think, including Sharp, JVC, Samsung, Gateway, Panasonic, Philips, Zenith, RCA. I have not seen the Dell yet, but will be in an area that has a Dell kiosk and hopefully one will be on display.

    I will be switching from analog to digital (with HD) from my cable provider (Time Warner) and adding a progressive scan DVD player as soon as I buy the HD TV.

    Thanks in advance,

    Would appreciate any feedback on the above choices. Also, has anyone seen the Dell model?

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    For the price of the above 30-32" models, you can step up to the new Sharp 37" introduced at CES. The below authorized dealer is selling the CES demo sets with excellent discounts and full factory warraty.

    They've sold out of a few models in about three days so if you have an interest.........


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    You say that other technologies are not a consideration since the display will be in a living room with windows ... how does that equate to an excuse for spending an exhorbitant amount for a video display - FAR more than makes any sense given the prices for the competing technologies?

    Is there no way that you can get draperies to cover the windows? Barring that, there's yet another way to solve your problem. That would be a 32" direct-view to watch during daylight hours, and a front or rear projection display to watch after the sun goes down. I know that flat screen LCD displays look really "cool" and all, but meeting the waaaaaaay overpriced pricetag that accompanies them is, in my considered opinion absurd. They quite simply are not worth that much money IMO.

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