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    Question Cheap Yamaha v1300 or spiffy v1400 receiver?

    I'm in the market for a good A/V receiver to start a brand new home theater set-up. This will be my first receiver/system, but I want to start strong - I want one that I won't feel the need to upgrade for at least 6 years (ideally). I'm contributing it to my roommate's speakers before I get my own (next step, different story).
    After researching (and listening) for the past few years I've narrowed my choices down to the Yamaha rx-v1400 and the rx-v1300. So here's the rub: as you probably know, the 1300's selling for cheap nowadays, and as a novice system-owner, that $450 price tag is looking much more enticing than $700-$800 for my first receiver.
    Is THX, 110W (instead of 100), the extra bass management, and the YPAO really worth the extra money? Does the 1300 lack enough that the 1400 has to outdate/outperform it significantly? Any advice would be uber-appreciated!
    If it helps, I listen to as much (or more) music as I watch movies - and my tastes in both span the spectrum (serious classical to classci rock, intense action flicks to drama).
    Thanks in advance-
    -Joe M.

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    I really think you can't go wrong with either model, both are pretty solid units. While the THX feature is probably not essential, do not underestimate the significance of YPAO which will calibrate your system to compensate for acoustic dilemna's your setup may have. This will make a significant audible difference. The extra 10 watts won't. The RX-V1400 also has 7 channels to the 1300's 6 channels. Not sure if that matters to you. You will have to decide if the few extra features the 1400 has are worth it. This is a common question here with people going both ways. I opted for the RX-V1400 myself. I figure over 4 or 5 years, an extra few dollars per month was worth it. I got my RX-V1400 for $649.00, I was quite pleased.

    One last thing. I've seen the HTR-5590 (basically the exact same as the RX-V1300 WITHOUT the pre-outs for hooking up external amplifiers) for as low as $380. This might be another viable option for you if you can find one.

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    I don't think the 1300 has video upconversion either if that's an issue for you. YPAO is what convinced me to get a Yammie and really makes a difference in ease of set up to get the most out of your unit. The 1400 has it going on today and should be current enough for awhile before the next latest and greatest hits the market.

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    After researching a bunch, I to am looking at a Yamaha. The YAPO is definetly worth it from what I've been told & read on here. If you can wait, there is an RX-V650 coming out for around $500 with YAPO on it. That's what I've decided on. It's going to be a long month or two!

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