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    Question What are my options with this receiver? (Yamaha)

    I have a Yamaha HTR-5250 receiver right now running some older Infinity studio monitor main speakers that really suck. I can't find the owner's manual for the receiver, so I don't know the exact numbers, but I think it puts out 100-120 watts RMS 5 ways at either 4 or 8 ohms, I don't remember.

    Either way, I am seriously considering upgrading to some new speakers. My main priority is music. Home theater comes in second. I just got a new SACD player and am loving it, but it only leaves me wanting some real speakers that much more. I am looking at picking up some Definitive Tech's, Klipsch's, or Paradigm's, with matching center and rears, and a new sub.

    My question is, is this receiver suitable for speakers of that caliber, or am I going to need something different to get really good sound out of them?

    There, I got my newbie first post out of the way. Thanks for any and all help!

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    The three speaker companies are solid middle road products and your receiver should be perfectly adequate driving them. Klipsh is probably the easiest of the lot to drive as it is the most sensitive. In other words it will play a lot louder with less watts than the others.

    Klipsh is not for everyone but horns are typically faster sounding but can also sound harder. It's a matter of eithe rlike the horn sound or you don't. Klipsh's Reference series is the way i would go if you can afford to...a good solid punch in the bass response helps them out too if you like rock music. The Studio series from Paradigm is the only series worth looking at iMO and they are fairly costly - far too costly if you're in the US paying US prices. In Canada at par they're much better.

    Also look into B&W and Energy

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    well personally i think your amplifier is good i found these stats for you

    looks like it has good numbers 100 watt .06 thd.

    so i think all you would need is some speakers. if you got better speakers your amp will sound alot more powerful to. i used to have bad speakers on my yamaha then i got them replaced and they must have been holding back on the power.

    my recommendation for speakers would be athena.... i own them and personally i feel there the best bang for the buck out there. pick up some nice

    asf1's or asf2"s for the front

    a asc1 centre,

    asb2"s for the rear

    and depending on how much bass you want get a p300 or p400 sub. i would recommend the p400 just because on sale it is only 60 dollars more then the 300 and is putting out 300 more watts......

    i just like the sound of athena with yamaha sounds really good.

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    Wow, thanks for the link! Looks like it's not as bad as I thought.

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    You're fine with that receiver. It's got more than enough power to drive the speakers you're looking into, and it supports all the open PCM, DD, and DTS formats, so you're fully compatible with everything on the market. Keep that receiver until you fall in love with some set of demanding panel speakers or low impedance monitors. Otherwise, the newer receiver features are in the nice to have but not necessary category. Find a good family of speakers and go with that.

    As far as the speakers go, there are definitely a lot more contenders out there than the three brands that you named. Personally, I'm not a big Def Tech fan for music. Klipsch and Paradigm have their supporters as well (I have a Paradigm Studio 5.1 setup). Depending on your budget, you should visit some of your local audio stores and see what they carry in your budget range.

    The thing about multichannel music, is that the timbre matching and speaker placement are crucial. IMO, mismatched surrounds are less than ideal but still acceptable for most movie soundtracks. But, with multichannel music, the match between the surrounds and mains/center has to be pretty close because of how the mixing is typically done. So, when you're picking out the speakers, be sure to evaluate the center speaker for how well it matches the mains, and how well the surrounds match the mains.

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