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    Question In ceiling center channel speaker?

    Finding it hard to get my center channel in a location anywhere but obtrusive. I have a Panasonic "commercial" plasma model that has only a thin border around the screen (no speakers) mounted a fraction above a fireplace mantle (mantle is high, so don't want the screen any higher). The only option I can think of for the center channel is right atop the screen; but it takes away from the ultra clean look. All the other speakers are already in the ceiling, so now I am wondering if I should just put the center speaker on in the ceiling too, right above, maybe a bit in front of, the screen. My concern is over whether the center channel really ought to be right next to the TV and that I'd be making a mistake putting it in the ceiling (though perhaps picking up a benefit that all the speakers would then be identical?). I wish I could find another solution, especially since I'll have to lose a recessed flood light in that spot if I put the speaker in the ceiling.

    Any tips appreciated, and thanks to everyone who has helped with my other posts.

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    Wow! Tough call since you say you don't have any other location to place the center speaker. Sounds like (no pun you may want to find another location for the entire system? Ceiling mounts are the worst physical location....especially for the center channel. Don't get me wrong...if you have no other choice then do it, but when you eventually get a room where you can position speakers appropriately you will notice a huge difference.

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    I am thinking that a "phantom" center may be worth trying. If you usually just have two people watching in the sweet spot it seems worth the experiment.

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    Same problem...but an option...

    I was also faced with this problem....My fireplace does not have shelf above it. I can either add a shelf and then put the Plasma or I was thinking yesterday, I could set the center speaker on the ground on a very small shelf (2-3" high) that will match my wood floors and angle the center up. There is enough room from my floor to where the actual fireplace starts (~10") that would allow me to put my 7" tall center channel. It actually looked pretty decsent when I set it there yesterday just for kicks...this would have to sound better than in the ceiling..

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