Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I just got Direct TV and have connected my Sat rx to my JVC RX-9010. I connected it to optical port-3 for DBS I read the manual and did what it said .. but I still do not get Dolby Surround sound. I have done everything the manual has said to try. Is it possible that the JVC rx needs a software update a prom flash or something?? Is there more then 1 format of dolby 5.1??? could that be the problem??

I have made sure that the new DTV sat rx is outputting Dolby. I also have set the channel to a show that I know has Dolby digital audio and tried to force it to Dolby and the JVC rx will force to the Dolby input but there is no 5.1. If I put it on digi\auto it flips to Linear PCM and I only get L-R speakers. I did a test to see if it was even taking the Optical audio…and it was because when I unplugged it audio went off.

On a side note...the DVD player is in coax port 1 and it works fine with surround.