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    Question Boston Acoustics 5.1 speaker package?

    I came across this package on, here is the link:
    I am wondering if somebody here can help me out by either sharing their experience or give me some links to reliable review sites. Thanks in advanced!

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    Red face My configuration

    I guess I have to support my own thread, because all of you are so quiet.

    I got a HTIB 4 years ago, it's a Kenwood 507 receiver with 5.1 Kenwood speakers. I really enjoyed it at the beginning. After moving to a house from apartment recently, I noticed that it's a little bit harder to hear the conversation from TV programs or DVD movies, I have since calibrated the setup using Avia DVD and a sound meter, but it didn't solve the problem. Some of the postings here suggest to replace speakers instead of the receiver, that's why I am looking at speaker packages, to replace the one comes with the HTIB.

    The room I have the setup in is about 30 feet by 20 feet, and I use the system primarily for TV and DVD viewing, my wife uses it during the daytime for backgroud music, but she can't care less how it sounds. I am planning to spend 500 to 1K Canadian on this.

    I am fairly new to HT and I am open to any option, so please throw your ideas in, in particular, I am looking for the answers to:
    1) Will replace speakers solve my problem, or I should replace my receiver? If it's the receiver, which one is known to work with my current speakers better?
    2) If it's the speakers, should I go for a 5.1 or 6.1 package, or just replace the 2 mains first, then slowly work towards the back? Any idea what speakers work with my current receiver better?

    Expert or a newbie, your input will be greatly appreciated!


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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    30 X 20?

    That's a pretty good sized room, particilarly when you put a HTIB into it. You should not even consider another HTIB That ecost thing, while "decent" for a small bedroom and the like, will get lost in there and be working too hard even at moderate listening levels.

    You're gonna need a bigger boat, ...err, sorry, subwoofer at least.

    Also, your mains and probably rears as well could use upgrading.

    In all probability, you're gonna need a little more clean power to fill all that space as well.

    With $500 to start with (and with an eye for future upgrades to finish the job), I'd be looking at these options for a stepping stone. Your only real alternative is to take it one step at a time.

    1) A good subwoofer will help fill out the bottom end and not break up as your current one seems to be doing. Not one of those 8" 100 watt wonders. Look at a larger Velodyne, Hsu or SVS. Perhaps Adiere (sp?) as well.

    2) A pair of full sized mains wil go a long way in cleaning up the sound as well. There are many out there but I'm particularly fond of Athena Auditions AS-F1, which sell for $400/pair and will handle that sised room, assuming the power is there. Also, they offer a killed matching center channel for $180. That would be 680 well spent for a full front sound. As time goes on, they offer some lower priced "bookshelf" speakers for the rears.

    These first two steps should be your first line of defense, not particularly in this order. Depending on what is more bothersome, the bass or everything else.

    3) A more powerful receiver will cclean it up a bit and can be had in the $500 range as well. Look towards Denon, Yamaha, Marantz for these. Somebody is always running a sale on something ot another. A hint... if you aren;t trying to keep up with the Jonses', you can find a closeout of last year's models for a considerable savings. I saved big time on a Denon 2802 when the 2803's came out and don't feel slighted in the least. Most model changes are slight feature enhancements nowadays anyway.

    Sometimes local B & Ms offer some killer in house deals and it pays to keep an eye on them. I got lucky and goy my Denon 2802 for $395 last April.

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    Here is where you are faced with multiple problems. 20 * 30 * 8 room for starters, almost 4,800 cubic feet. The receiver doesn't have enough power to fill the room and the speakers are not up to par either. As markw said, another HTiB isn't going to help fix this problem. As you are in Canada, I would recommend shopping around for a used Paradigm Servo 15. Two PW-2200s would work as well but a Servo 15 will be your best bet as it should be able to handle the room. It will be a mainstay in your system for many years to come.

    Next, tackle the receiver. Not all power is the same. Kenwood watts do not equal Marantz or Denon watts. Look to spend roughly $700US on a receiver. Currently, the Yamaha RX-V1400 may be in that range. For certain, the Denon AVR-2803 and 3802 are, along with the Marantz SR5300. As this will be next years purchase continue to shop around. If your Kenwood has preouts look for a used multichannel amp, such as ones from Rotel, Odyssey, or Outlaw to name a few.

    Finally speakers. Paradigm, Energy, Axiom, and PSB are all excellent and can be found locally where you live. Do not rule out used speakers or speaker kits either. Some excellent deals are out there.

    Be patient and build your new HT slowly for you want something that will endure for many years to come and will satisfy your needs and wants for a HT system.

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    Unhappy Gee, it looks like I have to replace everything?!

    Mark & Bryan, thank you for the recommendations, it looks like I have to redo everyting, and it's going to take some time, which isn't necessarily a bad idea, because I am thinking to move the HTiB to the basement where my gym "will" be.

    I like to idea of replacing the main speakers (maybe the matching center as well) first, because I can live with the bass, but the conversation part is really bothering me. Let's say I do get the speakers you recommended, will my current receiver be able to power them (it does not have pre-outs)?

    I will spend some time surfing the net this week to see if I can find any local retailers for speakers. For the receiver, I have read lots of good reviews on Yamaha RX-V1400, does anybody local to Toronto area know which local store sell them?

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    the kenwood will power newer speakers fine as long as they aren't really inefficient and are of low impediance. It should work fine with the average speaker at moderate volumes for some time, but you will want to set aside some money for the Yamaha. I'm sorry, dont know any dealers in your area. I do believe yamaha's website has a dealer search and it will tell you the nearest dealers. I'm glad you decided to take some time and get what you really want, you'll be rewarded greatly by going this way.


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    Wink May be Athena Auditions AS-F2?

    "This Guy" thank you for your reply and support. I did get a list of retailers from Yamaha Canada website, I guess the fun is about to start.

    I went to future shop last week and listened to their Athena Auditions AS-F1s, maybe I had high expectation or something, I find I didn't quite like them: treble is a little bit harsh and bass is a little bit overemphasized. I didn't have lots of time that day, so even they have Athena Audition AS-F2s in the demo room, I didn't listen to them. Based on the reviews about AS-F1 and AS-F2, I will try out F2s next week.

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