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    Hopefully this will get a little more attention now. You bring up in here and you get hundreds of hits. This actually has nothing to do with Bose. I have an HGS-15 that is 3 years old and in perfect condition. However, I am moving into a really small place and that sub just won't sound as good in a small area. I am looking to sell it but need some input on the resale value of the beast. It retails for $2,500. What I really want to do is trade it straight across for an HGS-12 or 10 if anyone knows of anyone that would like to do that. If you know Velodyne then I don't need to tell you that it has 3,000 watts peak output power and a 2 inch woofer excursion. Oh, and that it goes down to 18 cycles. You get the point. It ain't going to be cheap. Thanks

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    umm I can't help you to much with the actual question. Besides to say look around audiogon for trades or post it there as a classified to give yourself the luxury of time,

    But I really don't think tricking people into reading a thread is the way you want to go


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