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    Bose Speakers - Denon Receiver

    Hi all. I'm new to the forum and as you will see (obviously) new to Home Theater. Several years ago, before knowing anything, I bought a Bose Lifestyle 25 system. Having subsequently discovered the error of my ways, I am in the process of replacing it, in theory, one piece at a time. The first step in the process was the acquisition of a new Denon AVR 2805 receiver. The next step will be speakers. In the meantime, however, I would like to be able to use my Bose jewel cube speakers that came with the Lifestyle system with the Denon receiver, which brings me to my question. As you guys no doubt know, the Bose speakers have little plugs on the back, not loose wire ends or banana clips. Accordingly, they don't match up to the speaker system connections on the back of the receiver. They do, however, fit rather nicely in the holes marked "pre-out jacks" which, according to my instruction manual, are for external amps or powered speakers. My question is whether I can plug the speakers in there and whether this will a) generate sound,and b)not have a catastrophic effect on my receiver (I'm not so concerned about the speakers). If this is a big "no-no", is there an adaptor of some kind I can use for the regular speaker outputs (and by adapter I mean something other than pair of scissors and a wire-stripper)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    No you can't use the speakers. The pre-outs are used for sending a signal to an amplifier which will power the speakers. This signal isn't powerful enough to power speakers. I think Bose sells speaker adapters , but they're like $100 each. Not worth it. This is just anothe reason why Bose is hated around here.

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    Bose isn't hated around here. Just not that much appreciated.
    With their Lifestyle systems they simply wanted deliver finished products. It's a commercial act to make it impossible to use their systems with other speakers in a different A/V setup.
    My uncle is also in the same process of purchasing a new system. He also has a Lifestyle system and faces the same problem.

    One advice: buy new and well!

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