background: first of all im not sure if the term "blooming" is used correctly. this is my first experience with this problem - hope someone can help. this problem is only visible while watching widescreen dvds on my 4:3 toshiba tv. i have a cinema series 27inch (27afx54) with a toshiba dvd connected via s-video. my speakers are none-shielded and about 2 1/2 feet away from each side.
the issue: this will be rather difficult for me to describe, but here goes my best. If i was to split the screen by half down the middle, i would say that the left half horizontal is correctly straight, while the right side seems to go up a bit as it reaches the far right. hence, the image is not distorted except that it does "bloom" upwards on the right side.(it sortof curves slightly upwards).

what ive done: i have tried numerous times to switch the direction of the s-video and cannot tell a difference (leads me to believe s-video cables are not directional). i have adjusted the screen tilt to accomodate the extra curvature on the right. with only a few notches of right tilt, the image seems to be rolling off the left and right sides at equal distance, but the middle now seems to "dip" downwards, creating a "v" on the top horizontal line of the black bar. i have not moved the speakers away since the wall is there, but this did not seem to be a problem the first 2 weeks i had the tv, only the last few days. (ive had the tv for just 2 weeks)

any info you can provide on why this happens, what may be the cause, and what things i can try to correct would be great. thank you.