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    What to look for in a projector (for home theater, hdtv, tv viewing)

    Any recommendations in the 2000-3000 dollar range for projectors? What is important besides brightness (lumens)?

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    b-4 you consider a projector take a good look at the room you plan to use it in. how much natural/ambient light comes in, ceiling height, seating, where and how you want to place projector and screen, is there power where you want the projector, can i run source components to it, etc......
    next you'll match projector to your needs:
    how you'll use it--done
    throw distance---take a look at room, seating, projector placement
    lumens----take a look at room, light control
    contrast---take a look at room, light control, screen type
    inputs--source components you have/plan to use
    native aspect ratio---how you plan to use it
    the next step is to match the screen material to the projectors' contrast and size to the room
    also check out projectorcentral lots of useful info


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