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    Best 5.1 Sounding DVD Movie Great to check out your system

    I just rented Blade 2 today (not to be confused with Blade) & while the movie is totally mediocore at best- the first one was much better, the surround sound is totally awesome- the best I've heard on any DVD. I totally recommend this movie be rented to check how good your home theater really is.

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    you should try "The day after tomorrow" that is also a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddi
    you should try "The day after tomorrow" that is also a good one
    I saw it at the movie theater when it first came out and am not a film fanatic to the extent I need to see a movie twice. I thought the movie sucked, Blade 2 was probably worse, but you may be right about the sound, who knows?

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    Whoever mentioned Blade 2, I agree. I saw it 2 nights ago for the first time, and they did some crazy surround sound effects in it!

    Also: Any Matrix movie.

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    For a demo movie, TDAT has it all. For realistic plot, etc., look elsewhere. Almost any LOTR movie is excellent for demos.

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