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    AV Receiver with a sub 450 street price

    I have read some good things about the Onkyo TX-SR605. Anybody have an opinion about it or would like to suggest some others?

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    Well if you care about HDMI 1.3, the 605 is your only option at that price point. But don't get too excited, the TrueHD/DTSMA decoding as well the Deep Color is kinda useless right now. No software currently supports Deep Color and your player and display would have to support it as well. Also, all current decoding of HD audio must be done in the player making 1.3 kinda pointless at the moment.

    With all that said, CNET gave the 605 a pretty good review. I own the 805 and it's a pretty nice unit so I'm sure it's little bro. is worth the $$$. Keep an eye out because the 605 has been as low as $349 at Circuit City.

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