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    Unhappy Audio malfuction for my 50"Hitachi #50v720 ( Royphile ? fot u)

    I have a problem with my tv's speakers they are not working, when i turn it on the volume for the channel works but when I change the channel the volume is not present, all of my digital channels volumes work like fox in hd and cbs in hd and abc in high def I know its the cable company because my other televisions i my house dont have that problem, Its strange but too activate the volume i ither have to press the PIP button or i have to go to the audio menu and press "auto noise cancel" and turn on or off works ethier way . I tried the menu settings nothing seeems to work.

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    Are you running both digital and regular analog cables, or just one of these? Have you checked that all cabling is correct and securely fitted to the jack?

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    im using regular cable comcast cable, and the cable is fine its nice and secure in the jack.the problem is, I dont think you can do anything about it externly because, again the audio works when you "mess" with the remote". My tv is digital so when you change the channel it takes like 4secs to appear so the channels is set but it still loads about a 2secs or so, so when it loads real quick,one way that I discovered to get the audio working is while its loading I change the channel up then down again to the channel thats loading, then the audio works. but then again when I change it does the same thing. Thats why I think its an internal problem, i think it might be a overused chip thats not programing the audio the first time. Might be that because we been using the television every day since we got it in January of last year. So if you or anyone might know what the problem is , so can have an ideal of what the cost is so i can see if its realistic to repair it.

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    First off your set may be high def but its not "digital"
    Most cable companies require a cable box to pick up digital channels, unless you use a video out ( componet, hdmi, ) you will only get an analog NTSC pic
    through your TV
    Most tvs these days have very cheap ntsc tuners, most people with hdtvs dont watch em is the reason, cant remember the last time I watched mine, in fact during the last "upgrade" I didnt even hook up the digital or analog tuners, all I watch is cable box thru hdmi
    And if you're watching your cable any other way besides thru a digital cable box with either componet, hdmi, or dvi youi're losing out
    You're problem is oneof compatibility btw, by the long load time for your channels I can
    tell your set is older, newer sets dont take so long
    BTW I can get a few digital channels thru my digital tuner, but just npt and a few others
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