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    Any DVD changers with DVI or HDMI??

    Okay, it's time to consolidate...I have a Marantz DV6400 single disc and a Panasonic 5 disc and I'd like to replace them both with a player that has the sound/video quality, SACD, DVD-A capabilities of the Marantz with the 5 (or 6) disc capacity of the Panny. Oh, and it MUST have DVI output or at least HDMI so I can use an adapter to DVI. This is the whole point.

    Problem is..I can't find anything like that. The closest I've found is the Onkyo 802 which fits the bill perfectly, but it does not have DVI or HDMI.

    So does anyone know of a 5 or 6 disc DVD changer that does high quality SACD, DVD-A, and has DVI or HDMI output in the $400 range? Or are there any coming to market soon?

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    The only changer that I'm aware of with HDMI is the Sony DVPCX995V, which of course only delivers SACD. I've seen announcements of lineups, or new products, from Sony, Denon, and Samsung, all them committed to HDMI in their single players but nothing about new changers with HDMI (forget about DVI at this point).


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