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    Amp Suggestions for Zone 2 Audio?

    Looking for a decent but inexpensive amp to power Zone 2 in my house. I have 6 sets of Dayton in-ceilings (nothing fancy, 30 watt contractor grade for background audio) with a Yamaha RX-V2500 as my source. Best I found so far was a $200 80W RMS x 2 amp at Parts Express.

    All I need is a leve;-adjustable amp with signal triggered turn-on.


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    Audiosource AMP 100

    I am currently running an Audiosource AMP 100 that I bought new on ebay for about $114(with shipping) through CellPhones4Cheap. It is still available. I use it to power speakers in my kitchen running off the Zone 2 from my RX-V1400. I'm not sure I'd want to run 6 sets of speakers on the one amp though. The AMP 100 does provide an output to connect another amplifier. So buy 2.

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