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    720P or 1080I on RCA HD-DVD player????

    Hello ALL

    I just bought a RCA Hd-dvd player and will have it hooked up to my 42" 720P plasma and my 720P projector. I have read some different things and I would think and have the player set at 720P to match my TV but some people are saying that you should still select 1080I on the player and it will being out more even on a 720P TV. Anyone know for sure what I should have it on??? Thanks to all.


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    Hi Steve,

    The problem at 720p was that the picture was much too soft. At 1080i, regardless of the display's native resolution, the problem disappeared. One speculation is that HD DVD players were processing only 540 lines of the total 1080 at a time to reach 720p, thereby losing half the original resolution of each frame. Firmware 2.0 supposedly rectified the flaw (consult the manual for how to check your version and how to download the latest one), but I would try both options on an up to date deck with a hi rez disk before assuming anything.


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