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    Will a Power Conditioner help me?

    I'm getting static interference thoughout my house coming through anything with a speaker on it. My audio speakers, TV, telephone...even my clock radio. It quite annoying and my equipment doesn't even need to be on to get it(but it is plugged in). It happens mostly on my clock radio at night...a crackling and buzzing electrical interference noise.

    I live very close (about 3 miles) to an International Airport and I'm wondering if it's possibly RF inteference between the planes and the tower. Whenever I hear it at night I always seem to hear a plane nearby as well. But that could be a coincindence since planes are almost ALWAYS nearby.

    Anybody had any experience with this? Would a power conditioner address this. If not what would besides moving?

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    Could be an unshielded electrical motor somewhere close in proximity. Maybe a pool/pond pump or something siimilar?

    Could also be an unshielded PC in your home that doesn't have a Class B powersupply or shielded case.

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