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    My definition of an audiophile is this...

    "Anyone who is passionate and persistant in keeping the integrity of any audible medium with the intent to preserve the artform of sound and musicality."

    So what does that mean? Does it mean money? No. Does it mean a lifelong dedication to the optimal listening room? Not necessarily. An audiophile "loves" the artform of sound and sound reproduction, therefore have a desire and passion to make that a part of their life in some way, shape, or form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeruvianSkies
    The bottom line is this....

    A good speaker can disappear. If you can sit down, close your eyes, and feel the music without noticing that the music is coming from two big boxes in front of you, or in some cases a big panel or other monolithic object, than it's a great speaker. If you can sit there and listen and hear every nuance of detail and also give an approximation as to where that particular nuance is taking place within the soundfield, than it's a great speaker. Great speakers produce musicality perfectly and can do so with emotion, depth, and response.
    In what case have you heard a panel that did not dissapear?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeruvianSkies
    I agree that money = great sound, but at the same time it's difficult to get into the higher tier of realistic music reproduction without spending a good bit.

    and no...

    money will help, but it doesn't mean that cheaper speakers can't produce good sound,
    take me for example, my speakers beat about every speaker in the $500 class, and can compare with $1000 speakers, and even then they'll stand strong.

    and compared to dad's DM604's, I have the same imaging, if not better, soundstage is huge, bass is mighty, and they are reasonably transparent.

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    I like the psychological effect money has -- I spent good money on it, it better sound good. Therefore, I hear "good".
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    you guys are crackheads.
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