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    Kex is right on that one for sure....if you can get just the right 'crossover' figured out and really integrate the sub with your speakers based on your room and acoustics you can really help define your speakers in ways you never imagined. I just finally got mine calibrated 'just right' recently and noticed a huge improvement with all components.

    It's worth taking the time to do it right.

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    Kind of pissed off. I set it to their so called full stereo mode but it was still mostly the front speakers playing. But then upon going through more menus I noticed that ALL the speakers are set to SMALL. I set them to LARGE and I was even able to raise the dB levels of each speaker....WOW I dont even need the sub really anymore...the bass is deep and just right at the average volume level reading now for listening is -50dB not 15

    However, I still wanted every speaker to play every damn full range note. I was afraid of distortion from the smaller BOSE 161 as I got out my speaker box again and they would have been now running on LARGE mode setting. Man was I wrong here....these things almost flew off the wall from the air they were pushing clearly. I lost no volume with the speaker box so im gonna keep it for now as its giving me the exact sound I want.

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