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Thread: Stereo cut off

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    Stereo cut off

    Stupid mistake here.

    While playing my stereo I decided to switch the inputs in the back of the left speaker (I was checking to see if they would sound better cause I was concerned they were hooked in wrong.)

    Anyway, while disconnecting them (my stereo was still playing) they touched together and my stereo immediately turned off.

    Should I be concerned? I turned it on again and hooked it up, everything seems to play fine.

    Denon DRA 395 80 watt amp
    Denon DCM 280 cd player
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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    You got very, very lucky.

    Many times when speaker connections are shorted, the amplifier will stop working and stay that way. Some don't and recover. Since you dodged that bullet, be thankful.

    A good and cheap form of insurance is to always power down amy equipment when kerfutzing with any connections at all.

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    Nahmed; Most likely your amp has good protective circuitry. If it did not, after your reconnection, it would either continue cutting itself off or not play at all. Consider yourself lucky.

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