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Thread: Satelite Radio

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    Question Satelite Radio

    Anyone have Satelite Radio hooked up to your home system?
    Whats your oppinion? it sound decent?
    What service do you use?

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    I have Sirius and while they offer "cd-quality" sound. It sounds like 128kbps mp3s. Another thing I notice is its very flat & hollow sounding. Sounds compressed actually. I also notice that for hiphop/trance/techno the bass seems artficially louder. Maybe they boost it for automobiles since that is their main selling point? I have it in both my car and my home. It definitly is nice though. I listen to shoutcast at home more than anything though. For the large percentage of the population who have no clue what music should sound like, remember BOSE sales show this, it is more than adequate.

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