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    Old and out of the loop needs receiver suggestion

    For years, I've been a 2 channel receiver listener with no real problems. Recently, I have renovated my new home and need to catch up with better audio equipment. I've used older Yamaha, Sansui and Onkyo receivers but my new needs require other ideas. I will be using smaller Polk shelf speakers throughout the house. My intention is to have 3 pairs of speakers to work from one receiver and tied to 3 separate rooms (1 Pair of speakers each). Is this possible now? Are there receivers that essentiallly will accomodate 3 front channels?

    Please help me catch up.
    Thank you.


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    The onkyo 875 isthe perfect choice it has powered zone2 and 3 audio sou you canrun your house off it and it has burr bown dacs so if you get 1 have fun because it is a awesome receiver

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