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Thread: Needs advise

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    Needs advise

    I'm planning to buy a set of audio equiment and need some advise. An AMP, PreAmp and a bookselves speakers with a budget of around USD$1500 to 2000. What i have in mind is to buy the following: AMP:NAD C372; PreAmp NAD C160 & B&W 602 S3 or AMP: HK PA400; PreAMP HK 825 (if still available) & B&W 602 S3.

    Comments and suggestions will highly be appreciated. TY

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    Well, first of all you don't need a preamp with the NAD C372 - it's an integrated. Secondly, I don't believe HK makes preamps (or seperates, for that matter). The two amps HK currently makes are for multi-room applications (hooked up to an A/V receiver). Scratch the HK. If I was in your shoes I would be comparing NAD to Rotel to Arcam in the integrated amp and cd player departments. See what matches up best with the speakers you want for your money. Choose the speakers you want first, than the electronics to go with them. Most people recommend Rotel gear with B&W loudspeakers.

    Good luck.

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