I bought the Onkyo HT-S770 6.1 H/T system, it's powerful
but the treble is not even close to my Yamaha piano craft mini-system in
terms of clarity. I returned it and bought the
Polk Audio RM7600 + PSW303 sub.

The speakers sound wonderful, but the RM7600 is a bit bulky and hard to
mount, and the center speaker is too large to fit into the cabinet.
It fits about the TV but doesn't look very good. Overall, my only conern
on the system is the size and the look.

My big debate is whether to return the RM7600. It sounds excellent and I
purchased it at a great price ($800 sat + sub, MSRP is $1500+) .
If I return it, is there anything smaller that sounds equal or better in
the same price range? Although the speakers are put in the living room as a
H/T system, but they are used primarily for music listening (classical),
movie watching is only secondary.

Should I keep them ? Great sound, great deal, but a bit bigger than my taste.

Anyone know if there is anything out there sounds as good or better than
the RM7600 and has smaller sat., and is sub $1000?

PS I am using the Yamaha RX-V800 to drive the RM7600.