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    Need recommendation on Affordable DVD player

    As you all know I just purchased my new set of MB Quart speaker and a Yamaha Receiver. Now I need advise on a good affordable DVD player that support SACD/DVD Audio/DVD+r/-r/RW, SVCD,VCD, CD Rom/R/RW. Basically all format for the best compatibility. Sort of do it all work horse, but less then $250.00, thanks all.

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    Toshiba 4960

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    DVD PlayerDVP-NC875V/B only a $149.99 and plays all formats

    Featuring a 5 disc changer, DVD-RW (Video Mode/VR Mode)/-R/DVD+RW/+R playback2 and Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology.

    5 Disc Changer
    DVD-RW(Video Mode/VR Mode)/-R/DVD+RW/+R Playback2
    Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology 480P Output
    Super Audio CD Playback
    Black finish

    For $150.00 more step up to the DVP-NS975V for an HDMI interface. learn more »

    Watch your favorite movies on Sony's DVP-NC875V/B DVD player. Featuring a 5 disc changer, DVD-RW(Video Mode/VR Mode)/-R/DVD+RW/+R playback2 and Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology, this DVD player gives you a picture that is more faithful to the source. The DVP-NC875V/B also features Super Audio CD Playback, Multi-Disc Resume 40 Discs and 12 Bit/108MHz Video DAC. You can even listen to MP3 music with ease. This DVD player will bring your entertainment experience to a new level.

    • Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology 480P Output
    • Super Audio CD Playback
    • DVD-RW(Video Mode/VR Mode)/-R/DVD+RW/+R Playback2
    • JPEG/MP3/CD-R/CD-RW Playback1
    • 5 Disc Changer
    • Multi-Disc Resume 40 Discs
    • Precision Drive™ 3 System with Dynamic Tilt Compensation
    • 12 Bit / 108MHz Video DAC
    • Video Equalizer
    • Dolby® Digital and dts® Decoding Compatible

    • Convenience
    Multi-Disc Resume-40 Discs
    Quick Set-Up
    Custom Parental Control- 40 Discs
    RMT Remote Control w/Multi-Brand TV Control Compatible with Most Major Brands

    • General
    DVD/CD Text
    12 Bit / 108MHz Video DAC
    Super Audio CD Playback
    192 kHz 24 Bit Digital to Analog Converter
    Dolby® Digital and dts® Optical/Coaxial Output
    Dolby® Digital and dts® 5.1 Channel Output
    Multi-Disc Resume- 40 Discs
    TV Virtual Surround - 4 Surround Modes
    Digital Video EQ
    Custom Picture Mode
    Title and Chapter Viewer
    Advanced SmoothScan™; and SmoothSlow modes
    Instant Replay and Instant Search
    Full 3-2 Reverse Conversion

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    Denon DVD Player?

    I know it's out of your price range, but because you have a Denon receiver, I thought the Denon DVD-955S universal player might be a good fit. You might be able to buy one of these used or refurbished for less. I've also read good reviews of the Marantz DV6500, but that is probably still too expensive. A little more within your range is the Yamaha DV-S5770SL (~$350). If that's still too expensive, then I'll second the Toshiba 4960. I have a Sony SACD/DVD (not DVD-A) and I while it is working fine, I must say that Sony's players are rather flimsy, symptomatic of mass-market manufacturing and bean-counter profit-oriented products.

    P.S. What kind of MB Quarts do you have? How do they sound? I am awaiting a shipment of QLS-830's and can't wait to hear them. I am also looking for a new amp because they are 4 ohm / 87 dB speakers, and I need something that can drive them well. The Denon stereo receivers where on my list (2-channel system).

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    I higly recommend to you a DVD-575 from Pioneer . For his price it's a very good dvd-player. I had one of this some time ago and I was very satisfied. It plays all formats and is good enough on CD too. If you do not need a SACD-player then I can recommend to you a DVD S-47 from Panasonic . Right now I own a S-47 from Panasonic and I like it very much.

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