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Thread: Mixing brands

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    Mixing brands

    Do you guys think it is tacky to mix brands? I own a Sony DVD player and I'm thinking about purchasing a JBL surround speaker set and a JVC receiver. Do you guys usually try to stick with one brand for this stuff or does it really matter?



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    Quote Originally Posted by caser85
    Do you guys think it is tacky to mix brands? Do you guys usually try to stick with one brand for this stuff or does it really matter?
    Good lord, no. Why do you think there are such a thing as separates? You see, while one company may make the best SACD players, such as Sony, they may falter in other areas such as amps. You should buy the best possible piece of equipment at their respective price point, regardless of brand. However, you must also consider system synergy while you're at it. What I mean is that sometimes you can take two exceptional pieces of equipment that sound terrific and have terrific specs but when you put them together everything falls apart. The higher up you climb, the more finicky the gear seems to become.

    Hope this helps.

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    Geez, if someone owned ONLY one brand of everything, I'd think less of them and label them "fanboy" (or "fangirl", as it were). My mom buys matching washer and driers, and matching kitchen appliances, but that's as far I've seen it get out of hand.

    Companies usually design these things to be universal...
    Just one brand is "king", no name synonymous with "best". But as Topspeed alluded too, there are a few companies that specialize, or get lucky and put out solid components. The trick is to find them.

    And a word of advice...if you seen anything incorporating the letters "B", "O", "S", and "E" on the nameplate, grab your wallet tightly and run. Away. Far away. Or forever will it dominate your destiny.

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