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    Mini system recommendations?

    I want to by each of my sons a mini system stereo for their bedrooms. I stopped at Circuit City last night and it seems to me that the systems stress styling and buttons and EQ presets over sound quality and ergonomics. I was able to listen to several, but the general noise level at CC precludes really listening.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a mini-system that plays CDs, cassettes, has a radio tuner and sounds decent? I know this question is not typical for a high-end audio forum, but I was hoping someone might have been in a similar situation.

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    Well, I'm going back a few years...

    ...but the Denon/Mission mini sounded best to me. They might still be available, worth a look.

    The speakers were made of real wood, had real binding posts and most importantly - (drum roll, please...) sounded a bit more "true". If you can demo, I believe you'll understand what I mean. Check out your local mass-market store...

    Oh - the speakers a detachable, this flexibility can result in a reasonable soundstage.

    Just an idea, if available...

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    I would look for a decent integrated and cd player, then some decent shelves(i.e. the EPOS, or Acend Acoustics).

    Money better spent, plus maybe they will appreciate the audiophile life!

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    As Jimmy C says, the Denon/Mission ones are quite worthy but i'd also check out the Yamaha pianocraft systems - they're pretty good too!

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    Yes, I'm with Garradman on this one, the Yamaha Pianocraft system (forgot which one my friend has) sounds extrememly good for such a small system.

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