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    looking for free MP3 editing software

    I have downloaded a few MP3s where the mp3 is a single file of the enire album. This is cool becuase I found some software that allowed me to edit the the mp3 and break the single mp3 into its indvidual songs. Its a time consuming process and it works for most of these entire album mp3s. Where this falls apart is in live albums such as Frampton Comes Alive. If I cut that into its individual songs, it sound choppy as the clapping is non stop and it makes the start of the songs sound disjunct. What I'm looking for is a free tool that allows me to insert track markers so that when I burn it to a CD in CDA format that the sound remains continous but I'm able to to select which track to play via the track markers. Does anyone know of a tool such as this that is free?

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    Audacity. Does that and so much more.

    Not sure of the website, but I'm sure a Google search will assist you

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    I would suggest FlexiMusic Wave Editor. It is an audio and Mp3 editing software. you are free to use this for seven used days. It may help.

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