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    Linn Classik, Keilidh question

    Does anyone know if the Linn Classik is a good match and will comfortably drive Linn Keilidh speakers in a room 10 ft x 20ft? I have a set of the Keilidhs that I am now driving with a Naim Nait and they are a good match. I like to crank it up at times and the system gets my feet a tappin.

    But a friend will sell me his Classik for a great price and I like the idea of CD player, tuner, and amp all in one. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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    Linn's founder and chief designer, Ivor Tiefenbrun, is big believer in controlling every link in the chain and specifically designs his equipment to be played together. While I have no idea if the Classik will sound better than the Nait, which is no slouch, I believe it's safe to say that pairing the Keilidhs w/ the Classik would be something Mr. Tiefenbrun would recommend .

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