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    LINN Classik with Dali Grand Coupe Speakers???

    I'm still searching for speakers to replace my LINN Keilidhs. I discovered Dali speakers in the internet and have to say I'm impressed. I'm now considering the Dali Grand Coupes with the SWA 8 (or maybe the 12) Subwoofer.

    I have read in the reviews here, that Dali speakers are "power hungry". Could anyone tell me if I could drive the Coupes with a LINN Classik (75W RMS/Channel, 4 Ohm)? Or do I need a beefier Amp to drive them?

    I can always upgrade to a more powerful amp later, using the Classik as a pre-amp, but I don't want to have absolute crap sound while saving the cash to get a decent amp.

    All opinions and tips would be greatly appreciated

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    If I understand your two threads right, you own and like Linn speakers but would like more dynamics, right. If that's true and you don't mind buying used, see if you can locate some Linn Helix speakers. I admittedly have had only a few exposures to Linn speakers so take this with a grain of salt, but the Helix's blew me away. A terrific speaker with serious, fast bass response and soaring highs. They might be what you are looking for (again, if you can find them).

    Good luck

    Did some research and I apparently got the name wrong. The speakers I was referring to are not the same Helix speakers on the Linn web site. These had a horn loaded tweeter positioned between the two woofers and were floorstanders, not standmounts. Either it was an earlier model or I got the name wrong. Sorry.
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