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    Kenwood DP-R893 minor issue

    Picked up my first CD player. Kenwood 5 disc changer for $20. Definitely blown away with the quality compared to my laptops disc drive. Well, I haven't had another player to compare sound production quality, but the disc reading quality is certainly far better. CD's that skipped or were fuzzy on my laptop are nice and clear on the kenwood.

    Anyway, minor problem. Quite consistently, when I hit play, the thing just sits there and nothing happens. If I give the disc drive a nice good shake, I can hear the player drop the disc in and begin to spin and play. Once this happens, it plays fine and will go back and forth between all the cd's in there no problem. So it works, and I can consistently get it to work, but obviously it's not ideal to shake it every time i want to play it.

    Anyone know what might be causing this? Something loose? Something in the way? Is it easy to fix, or should I just be happy I got a mostly working player for $20?

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    I would consider taking it apart and giving it a good cleaning.
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    my best guess would be to take out those 2 screws on each side in the front and then the face-plate pops off?

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    Typically the metal chasis, top/side, slides off after the screws come out. You may be better off leaving it alone if you've never played in one or watched.
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    I've taken apart an old onkyo tape deck if that counts for anything...? of course i didn't get it fixed, but that's because I couldn't figure out how to get the rubber bands back in (one was broken and caused the tape to not play). but in general i'm good with electronics as long as they're not overly complicated.

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