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    It does in this case, at least!

    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor
    Weren't you the person who recorded vinyl onto CD-R and admitted you couldn't hear the difference between that result and the original? What does that suggest?

    I suggest that it suggests that the "problem" with CDs is the way they were recorded & mastered, not the medium itself i.e. not PCM 16/44.1. I have quite a few great CD that don't cause me any tension. I have some that do; I have a few LPs that do too.
    Yes, I was. It suggests that the hue and cry isn't loud enough! If something or someone has the potential to perform well and doesn't, we are usually more likely to complain than when something simply doesn't have the potential. The fact that our society has been duped into accepting that McDonald's hamburgers are the same as home cooked (or even an acceptable substitute) is a sad commentary. McDonald's burgers have the same potential as any other but they've chosen not to realize that potential because the public doesn't care. The nice thing is that I have the choice to cook at home. Unfortunately, we're stuck with CD if we're looking for newly recorded music. If the potential is there, show it or expect that there will be those people who complain because they refuse to quietly accept mediocrity.

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    A doctor selling music lessons, that sure has to make you wonder.
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