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    Question DVD Recorder Question??

    I am currently in the market to purchase a DVD recorder but want to keep the purchase price under $500.00. Are there any good models out there in that price range and if so will they record Movies and Television???

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    yes there are alot and most of them record both movies and tv. i like the panasonic for bang for the buck personally. the most feautes for the cheapest price. pioneers are also nice to. i have some other panasonic components so i would want to keep the brand the same if i could so i would go with the panny, but if you have a pioneer amp or dvd player or something then maybe that would fit in a bit better. they all do pretty much the same thing.

    the panasonic gets like an extra hour or 2 on a dvd when recording tv. so thats kinda a plus on saving money.

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