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Thread: d skin?

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    d skin?

    hi guys,

    I read about it a week ago (
    its a thin sheet of plastic that can be attached to the readable side
    of the disc and is supposed to protect them from scratches etc.

    they have quite an interesting concept. Has anyone tried this product?
    Do I really need to protect my discs with this or is this just a bunch of ****..

    thanks for your input

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    Red face I don't know aobut this...

    I'd be wary of putting another layer between the reflective surface of the CD and the lazer reader. What happens when this stuff ages or starts peeling. Would you want this stuff to peel off inside your CD player and start getting caught up in there? I'd personally give this one a pass.

    Da Worfster

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    Here's the ad for that stuff.

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