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    Audio Technica ATH-A500

    I've been reading very good things about this headphone in other forums, and would like to know what you guys think about it. I'm returning my Grado SR 80's because I decided that I couldn't live with the open air construction and now, this headphone looks like the best headphone for me. I mainly listen to jazz, big band, classic rock, and a lot of dave matthews band as well as other similar alternative styles. I have no doubt that this headphones can provide the mids and the highs, but I definitely want strong, deep bass and would like to know whether or not they can provide it.

    I am also considering the Sony MDR-7506/V6. I've read many favorable reviews about it, but I'd still like a rundown between the two, and if there's a better one out there in the $120 price range, please, feel free to share.
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