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    Question Any Thoughts About Periodic Popping

    I have a Denon 4800 receiver that I purchased new 3 or 4 years ago. Little by little, I added excellent speakers, at least excellent for me, and connected them to my receiver with the highest quality wiring I could buy. Everything was working wonderfully until a couple of months ago. My left rear surround speaker began to sometimes sound fuzzy, and pop and spit. I reversed the left and right speakers and found that it still occurred. I took the speakers to Ultimate Electronics and had them test them with their systems. No problems. My wiring to that speaker goes under my house and is unlikely to have been altered in any way during this time. No one or anything is ever under my house except me when I change the filter. I have changed the connections at both ends several times with no effective difference. For a month the left rear surround was performing poorly, and then suddenly it went 6 weeks with no problems at all. A few days ago, the poor performance, popping, and spitting returned. If those here with great knowledge tell me to change the wiring, I will, but it is fairly difficult. Do you think that this could be intermittent performance on the part of my receiver?? Denon doesn't have an official online support option for me to ask questions there. I don't want to replace the wiring if the receiver is the problem, and I don't want to get a new receiver if the current one is not the culprit. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks In Advance!!!!

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    Have you tried changing the speaker wiring left to right and right to left at the receiver to see if the problem goes through the other speaker?

    You could also temporarily disconnect your underhouse wiring and reconnect the speakers with inroom wires. If the problem persists, you'll know its the receiver.

    For such a temporary test connection, you don't even need speaker wire - just use cheap electrical wire designed for lighting.

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    Thanks Stanley. I very much appreciate the input!!!!!!

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